Ratones gordos

In IX century, in Baghdad, Mohamed ben el Harif wanted to search for unusual sonorities by means of an instrument used by the singers in a more ancient period : mizafa. But this turned out to be a mousetrap which does not catch the audience applause, but caught the artist in an
alien context.
Even today to play Spanish medieval music, it is perhaps better to put themselves in the position of the listener instead of falling into the trap of that kind of philology which damps the vitality of a music that, from the Moslem conquest in 711 up to the expulsion of Hebrew people from Spain in 1492, has always been ready to treasure the coexistence among Christian people, Sephardic Hebrew people and Moslem people.

1. De todo mal - CSM 129

2. Avrix mi galanica - Sefardita

3. Lamento di Tristano e Rotta

4. Rahelica baila - Sefardita

5. Abenamar - Sefardita

6. Gran piadad'e - CSM 105

7. Como poden per sas culpas os omes seer contreitos - CSM 166

8. Ondas do mar de Vigo - CDA

9. Propiñan de melyor

10. Hija mia mi querida - Sefardita

11. Polorum regina - LVM

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