Hurdy-Gurdy - The hurdy gurdy is a stringed instrument of very old origins, which is still used in a lot of European countries to play folk music.Its working is similar to that of a string instrument, where a wheel moved by a handle makes strings vibrating. The typical hurdy gurdy has 2 melody strings and 4 drone strings.
The melody strings go through a keyboard and then they can be „ shortened“ by means of keys with the left hand, while the drone strings run all around the keyboard and keep a constant intonation.
Therefore the building features of the instrument allow a sole musician to get at the same time a melodic line, one o more drone notes with an accompaniment function and an exclusive rhythmical humming, which is obtained through one of the drone string (trompette) setting the handle in motion in the suitable way. Such particular features enabled the hurdy gurdy to be used, in different shapes and periods, for the most various musical needs, making no difference between holy and profane, poor and rich.


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